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Omar Sharif Bridge V+

3 usd

Omar Sharif Bridge could be the perfect game. Its ease of play marks it out as a firm favourite for casual gamers, whilst the huge depth of strategy and vast intricacies involved allow it to be a game that can be studied by the most serious card student.Bridge now includes a comprehensive bid analyzer. Enquire how Bridge has interpreted your bids or see how Bridge is expecting you to have interpreted the bids the game engine has made.
Bridge is played by four players who form two partnerships. Players within a partnership face each other across the bridge table. Traditionally, the players are referred to by the points of the compass - North, East, South and West. The two partnerships are North/South and East/West. Games are played to the best of three. The winner is said to have won the "rubber". A game ends when one partnership scores 100 or more points below the line.
Featuring ACOL and Standard American bidding systems, Omar Sharif Bridge will challenge the most proficient player yet still allow the beginner to develop their game. Fantastic graphics and a strong and respected bridge engine allows players to become involved, stimulated and challenged with every deal.
Game features:* Comprehensive bid analyser showing you the interpretation of your bids.* Endorsed by Omar Sharif.* Supports 5 card majors, strong 2 clubs, weak 1NT, Jacoby Transfers, weak 2-Bids, 2NT 11-12 points conventions.* Automatically recognises and plays Stayman, Gerber and Blackwood.* Uses the Rubber scoring system.* Extensive score card information.* Ability to locate deals matching many bidding criteria.* Auto bidding.* Auto card play.* Full undo and redo of bids and cards played.* High quality artificial intelligence engine from renowned Bridge expert.* Extensive display and card play options.* Omar Sharif Bridge is just one of our large collection of best of breed classic board, card and puzzle games available for a wide range of platforms.
Dec 2014This is a substantial update and includes:* Support for a wide range of additional android devices and features, such as 64-bit support and new screen sizes. * Card sets, card backs, tables and backgrounds are now all seperate items you can choose between. There are also more sets to choose between depending on your particular preference and the device you are using the app on. * There is significantly more online help in the application on both Bridge and how to use the Bridge app. * Numerous bug fixes and improvments to the bidding and game play have been made.